Monday, December 20, 2010

38 Weeks and Still Kicking

This baby is getting close to being fully cooked I think.
I have been grunting almost every time I lean over or pick Zane up. When I go up the stairs, get into bed, or get out of the car.
 I have also been Having a hard time finding clothes to wear. Almost everything seems too small for me.
On Saturday I started getting the babies clothes all ready for his arrival. This picture is just the nice neat start of my mess I created soon afterwards.
After going through the babies cute things I realized that I better make more room for him and put his clothes in one of my dresser drawers, So that got me started on cleaning out my dresser, my closet and Jon's dresser and Jon's closet. I had clothes piling up so high it was horrendous and I also had clothes taking over the entire floor space where ever I put my feet. In the middle of my organizing I had a moment of a complete meltdown and broke out into tears, Why did I do this? I let them fall for awhile, and then got started folding and organizing again.
 I  am happy to announce that at the end of the NIGHT I finished :)

I wish I had pictures for you all to see the end result but I will describe to you that my dresser drawers are so organized and in good order as well as my closet and side closet. My nursing things are all ready as well as the clothes that will fit me for after the baby is born.  I think that some times we have to make a bigger mess so as to get the end and final organized result.
This little man wanted to help and he sure did, he went through all of my boxes of summer clothes and helped empty them out as well as put them away in drawers and then fill the summer box back up again. He talked on his little phone while I cleaned and he brought me odds and ends of things he discovered. By the time he started organizing the things I had just finished organizing it was time for him to go see his daddy :)
 Here he is eating his favorite snack which happens to be popcorn. Oranges is his new found favorite as well. He is watching the Velveteen Rabbit in the pictures, which I thought was so cute because it was so much older for him to understand. He kept up with it and seemed to enjoy it. 
I love his little Kitty slippers.
I have been feeling some contractions now and then, which make me think that this just might be it, but it never seems to come of anything. I will be sure to let you all know when this little bundle of joy arrives.
Happy Monday everyone!
~ Marie


living from glory to glory said...

My Dearest Marie, Merry Christmas!!
what are you doing up so late?
Sounds like nesting instict has kicked into full gear.
I wish I could be with you during the birth!
I will be praying so let someone know to call and sound the alarm.

Your Mom and I had a ball today!
Miss You So Much Love Roxy

Homeschool on the Croft said...

Oh Marie, it's sooooo exciting - and that's just for me! I'm really trying not to be jealous, just totally happy for you - which I am, of course, but I do find little smidgens of jealousy creeping in. But in a good way! (Is that possible? - 'good' jealousy??!!)
Anyway, love the photos, and getting excited for you
Love, Anne x

Kirsteen said...

How exciting!!!!

Glad you got the clothes sorted out. I often find myself starting a task like that and then look around half way through thinking, why on earth did I even start this?!

Can't wait to hear of the arrival of your new wee one and see some pics! My husband always gets slightly nervous when I see newborn baby pictures :0)

Elizabeth said...

Oh Marie you look so good! I am so glad you posted a belly pic!

I wish wish wish I was there to help you! You helped me sooo much last year. Seeing Zane in your cozy room makes me soooo homesick for you all. I love that Zane loves his popcorn. Give him kisses for me!

Amber said...

i loved seeing these pictures - i hope you all have a lovely cozy happy christmas!! :)

Pam said...

What a feast for my heart. So fun to catch up and see all the scrumpcious pics. You look so pretty, and Little Zane is melting my heart. Can't wait to get there in person and get my hands on both those babies. Keep baby number two where he is until I can get there :)

Love all your previous posts, sorry I have been away for so long, trying to catch up on all the blogging delights.
Love you so much sweetie,

Help Meet in the Making said...

You look so are glowing! I pray you and your family have a blessed Christmas..not too much longer until you get to meet your little man! It seems like it has gone by so fast!

madsta said...

Happy new year!- just found your blog through lots of links, you have a beautiful family- can I ask what template your blog is on/ how you got two collums? x

Marie said...

Hi Madsta,
Thanks for the sweet comment. I will have to say that my husband was the one who helped me with my two collums. He changed the HTML for me and enlarged the picture space so I didn't overlap when I used such large pictures. I hope that can help you a bit?

~ Marie

Anonymous said...

Hi Marie, I am Dawn, I'm so excited to read through your posts on your new baby! I am almost 38 weeks just now, just right where you were when you posted this!! So exciting to see your gorgeous little new baby boy, it's really giving me the push I need to get through this last lap!!
Loving the pics, congratulations xxx

Homeschool on the Croft said...

Dawn, you said ' me the push I need...' Was that a deliberate use of the word 'push'!!! x

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, no it wasn't!! How funny x


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