Monday, December 6, 2010

Fresh Raspberries for Breakfast

Enjoying fresh raspberries for breakfast. I have been craving them with fresh cream and a little sugar sprinkled on top. I will have to try this next. Did any of you mammas crave fruit with cream while you were pregnant? I remember my mom told me she craved canned peaches with evaporated milk.
It has been snowing all day today and a bit of yesterday as well. We have been keeping the stove stocked with plenty of good old seasoned wood. 
Going out with the baby is so fun because we get him all wrapped up so good and snug and he can barely move his arms. His little face peeks out of his big hood with his cheeks as little apples of red in the middle. He also has sweet little gloves that he wears and its so funny when he eats his slices of apples  crackers while wearing them. Babies are so fun in the cold winter time. 
I have been planning on posting several things this week because I have such a lot to be inspired about, I can't wait to make a post on my handmade apron from Tiffany over at Meek and Chic, the apron is absolutely GORGEOUS and I love the colors she chose. So this post and also a giveaway as well as a post about my new purse I got from the thrift store today is in store, we will see if I am able to accomplish all of this lol!
Happy Monday everyone :)


lizzy said...

Such a yummy breakfast Marie! Zane sounds so cute bundled up! I want to kiss those yummy rosy red apple juice cheeks! I sure hope you can post those posts! :) I'm commenting from the iPad, and I think I will always comment like this now. I think I am getting the hang of it! Love you!

Love Elizabeth :)

Pam said...

Those raspberries look beautiful. Love the mental picture of Zane all bundled up and the snow falling. Sure sounds cozy. Miss you so much.
Love Mom

Homeschool on the Croft said...

When I was pregnant with #4 I had huge cravings for tinned pineapple. No added sugar, so they're sharp. That was my first time with a craving (apart from a general craving for food!!). Everything about that pregnancy was different....and everything post-natal as well.L-o-n-g story!
The raspberries look so lovely, and - as Mum says - the picture of the wee guy all wrapped up. Snug as a bug in a rug! x

Kirsteen said...

I always looked forward to cravings coming but never had any with any of my pregancies. What I did get was 9 months of morning sickness! Still, it was worth even all of that!

Fresh raspberries sounds like a good craving to have though!

Marie said...

Thank you Anne and Kirsteen,
It is so interesting that some women get cravings and some don't. I didn't get really any cravings when I was pregnant with Zane, the only huge one I got was TONS of ice cream LOL!!

I love you mom and Eliza!!


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