Monday, January 10, 2011

Catching Up

I have been having such a lovely time with the new bundle in our house and also enjoying every single minute I have with my mom. She has been keeping the house clean and the mouths fed around here.
She is a busy bee and her plans extend into making more meals and freezing them for us so when she goes I won't feel overwhelmed after her departure.
Zane has had such fun with his new boat that Grammy and Grandpa got him. He loves taking his bath and a toy for the bath is his favorite delight.
So much to catch up on this last week and a half.
 I have been meaning to do my giveaway and I feel bad that it got postponed for so long.
So if you have entered your name for the pillowcase giveaway the drums are now rolling..............
The winner is..............
Congratulations Amber!!!
you are now the owner of the shabby pillow cases!!!
I am excited to see what you end up using these darling cases for dear friend.
I will be mailing them to you shortly.
Wish I could give you all something in this giveaway. Thanks so much, everyone, for participating.

 What have I been looking online for all day today?
Boots!! Yes a new pair of boots for me.
 After having my baby I have been excited to start slimming back into my pre pregnancy clothes again. Style had been a little difficult to accomplish for me when I was pregnant and I am still getting used to styling in the cold, cold weather out here. But the zeal of being cute has come back to me now that I am no longer pregnant and I am excited to order some new boots from CSN stores. This site is so cool, they have everything from cute, cute boots to modern rugs, to everything else under the sun.
Here are some of the boots I found that I loved.

The pair I have decided to get is this pair above but in the tan color, which I had a hard time finding a picture of. I will have to take some pictures when I get them in the mail.

Of course I couldn't end this post without posting a picture of the wee little guy,

Today My mom and I got to go out on the town. We had a nice little adventure going to Hobby Lobby and Panera for the first time with two babies instead of one. It was fun as we decided on new yarn at Hobby Lobby and had a delightful cup of tea at Panera. Zane had so much fun drinking his hot chocolate with his mommy and Grammy and new baby brother.
Wishing everyone a very happy Monday!
Much Love
 ~ Marie


Homeschool on the Croft said...

Lovely, Marie! How lovely to be able to go out and about with mum by your side. That gives such confidence at this stage, doesn't it.
Your photos are gorgeous (teddy too! I love teddies - never really grown out of them!). x

Kirsteen said...

Loved all your news.

Your little man looks like he is puckering up for a little kiss in a couple of these pictures!

Holly Trujillo said...

What a time to cherish! Everything sounds so wonderful. Your pictures of your boys are precious.

Elizabeth said...

Oh the pictures are delicious! I can't wait to hold Ezra! And the picture of little Zane in his chair with his teddy bear needs to be framed! I may just steal it :-)

P.S. I love the boots! I can't wait to see them on you. The style you mentioned sounds so cute! Now you got me itching for a pair! Maybe when I see you next you'll be tired of them lol :D

Kirsteen said...

I forgot to say last night too that I love all the boots! ♥

Davene Grace said...

This post has such a cozy feel to it. :)

Is your mom still with you?

Sweet Zane is looking especially handsome in that last picture, and Baby Ezra is just completely adorable.

Hugs to you, friend!

Amber said...

YAY! Love the boots you picked out! I will have to take a picture for you showing all those pretty pillowcases on my bed :) That picture of Zane in his little chair with his teddy bear is so cute!!

Anonymous said...

How lovely to have your mom around to help out in the first few days, it makes such a big help :o)

I love the boots too, I just bought a pair almost identical to the brown pair in the sales, and can't wait to get back to non-pregnancy wear and wear them with a skirt or something!!


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