Monday, January 3, 2011

Sweet "Sigh"'

 Precious little Ezra Wyatt arrived December 31, 2010 at 10:00 in the morning. 
Weight 8lb 11 oz 21 1/2 inches long. 
 He is such a darling boy. He is nursing very well and he is always so quiet. When he arrived he gave out one little cry and that was it. 
Now he is starting to use his little voice only when he is hungry. 

We thank you Lord for you goodness and mercy. Your creation is so wonderful, so magnificent. 


Kirsteen said...

Many, many congratulations to you all on the arrival of your sweet, sweet little boy!

He is soooo adorable.

Make sure that you get plenty of rest yourself in these precious days!

Much love
Kirsteen xx

Pam said...

Oh my goodness!!!!!Dad and I are just lovin it!!!!! I can't wait to get there!!!!! He is so scrumcious. See you tomorrow sweetie.
Love you so much,

Help Meet in the Making said...

Oh Marie! He is soooo handsome! I love the pictures of him sleeping. Have a good time with your mom there and get some rest! Congratulations!!

Davene said...

Congratulations!!! He is simply adorable, and I'm thrilled for you that he's here. I'm also thrilled that your mom will be with you soon, and I hope you'll be able to relax and let her serve you like I know she is longing to do. If I were closer, I would definitely do something to help -- bring you dinner, at least! :)

All along, your pregnancy has reminded me of mine with Tobin; and now I think it's funny (and wonderful!) that you named him Ezra because that's Tobin's middle name!! :) Both your Ezra and my Tobin were winter babies...both were born with lots of dark hair...and ya know, after Tobin's birth, our whole family got sick with some sort of virus!

I'm praying for you tonight that you will feel blanketed with God's soft hand of peace and joy. And I'm rejoicing with you in the precious new life you've been given.

Welcome, Ezra!!!!!

Meredith Ivy said...

Oh, he is just precious, dear sister! I just love the name you chose- Ezra Wyatt. I hope Zane is adjusting beautifully to his sweet brother's arrival. I am so happy for you, Jon, and Zane.

Congratulations on another all natural birth! What an inspiration you are!

I hope your visit with your dear mother is filled with precious memories. You are in my thoughts and prayers often as I think about your wonderful news.

Much love to you dear sister!

Homeschool on the Croft said...

Oh Maire...where have I been?! How could I have missed your announcement! What a precious, precious gift. You can imagine how broody you are making me!!
May God bless you all - you, your husband and your two beautiful gifts. What a blessing children are. Looking forward to getting to know this little man in the years ahead. God bless you x

Tiffany said...


Congrats! He is so handsome and cuddly!

living from glory to glory said...

Dear Marie and Daddy what a proud Daddy he must be!!
I could just cry with relief when he arrived! You go girl!
Rest and take care and get your strength back. Love Roxy
He is just beautiful!!

Ashleigh said...

I was so excited tonight when I checked your blog and saw this precious little baby!! What a wonderful Christmas present! Zane is going to be a great big brother. By the way, he looks adorable in his santa oufit. Too cute!!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

He is so beautiful! I love the little ducks on his feet.

Holly Trujillo said...

Congratulations!!!!! He is so Beautiful, I want to scoop him up and never put him down. I pray that you are recovering well, I miss you my sweet sister. Love, Holly

Lizzy said...

he's just beautiful, Marie. and his name is strong & flows off the tongue...i really like it. does 'Wyatt' have any special meaning to you & Jon? just wondering...

anyway, a big congratulations to you, dear! can't wait to see some pics of this new little person with his proud big brother ;)

Kate Van said...

Marie- he is so darling, congratulations!

Amber said...

oh what a sweet sweet baby!! there is nothing more precious than a brand new baby!! Congratulations to all of you, and I love his name!!!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful, so precious!! Awww, it's hard to believe right now that my big bump is a real baby, makes all that is ahead all worthwhile to see your pictures (you'd think I hadn't done this before huh?! This is my third!!!)
Dawn xxx


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