Sunday, January 9, 2011

Little Baby Ezra

We sure have been eating up this little cutie pie. He is such a delight in this house. His little smiles and sounds brings a peace to our little hearts every minute of every day. 
I have had a very good recovery time and having my mom here has helped me get on my feet sooner then expected. 
Little Zane is amazed that he has a little baby brother. He always gives out a little toddler gasp when he sees Ezra. He also says his name now and than.

Nursing Ezra has been so much easier this time around.
 Ezra has no objections about eating and just eats easily and calmly.  

Thank you all for your sweet congrats and compliments. I loved reading your comments and rereading them. The meaning of Ezra is Helper or Aid and the meaning of Wyatt is Brave, Strong, Warrior. 
We loved Wyatt for a first name but then found Ezra and liked it even better so we decided to make Wyatt his middle.
I hope you all are doing well! I am excited to catch up on all of you soon!! I have been missing my daily reads!
~ Marie


Anonymous said...

Congrats. He is simply beautiful.

Holly Trujillo said...

Marie, he is so beautiful. That is wonderful that nursing is better this time! I love your photography.

Elizabeth said...

Marie I am devouring these pictures! I hope you have more! I hope you all had a fun weekend. Talk to you tomorrow! Love love love YOU!

~ Elizabeth

Kirsteen said...

Oh my goodness, I am lost for words at the cuteness of these pictures!

He looks like a wise old owl in the second one - so adorable :0) ♥ ♥

Katheryn said...

Love the little "nest". He is absolutely amazingly adorable. I can see why you eat him up, especially those toes. :) It is always nice to have mom near to help, they offer a calmness to a chaotic world sometimes....unless they do too much spoiling. :) We are so glad to know you are doing so well and that baby is too. Enjoy, they do grow up, rather quickly as a matter of fact, which is why I keep having more. We love you and miss you.

Pioneer Beauty said...

Oh Marie,
I am TRULY behind on my blogging..I can't believe I almost..Well Kinda of did miss this...I am so thankful the Lord has given me this time to check in on my Dear blogging friends..and what a special treat it was to be greated with this Angelic face..Congratulations to you all and many blessings to your family..It's always so wonderful to see the Handy work of our Lord as He so Lovingly Knitted your baby in your womb and Now Ezra is here to give glory to those very Hands that put each part of him together...

Please give your Dear Sweet Mama My hello's and hugs..

Much LOVE to you all
In Christ

Davene Grace said...

Marie, you did a wonderful job with these photographs! So, so, SO cute!!!

Little Zane and his "little toddler gasp" makes me smile. :)

Amber said...

these pictures are amazing!! you did them yourself too, I am guessing, you have such a talent for photography!!


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