Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Praying For Our Sons

Well, today is the fist day of my commitment to pray 21 days for my boys.
I have joined a lovely group of women who have committed 21 days on behalf of raising up their sons to be Godly men through prayer. The book is called Warrior Prayers which is by Brooke Mcglothlin,
I joined through my dear friend Daisy who is the leader of our group via blog world. If you have boys and would love to join us feel free to click on Daisy's link above and leave a comment for her :)

So far for today's devotion/ prayer time which covered Obedience 
 I enjoyed reading through the scriptures and praying them for and over my sons.
Here are just a few,,,

May Zane and Ezra obey Jesus' commandments, and remain in His love
 (John 15:10). 

Whether it is favorable or unfavorable, may Zane and Ezra obey the LORD our God so that it will go well with them 
(Jeremiah 42:6). 

May Zane and Ezra return to the LORD their God, and obey with all their heart and all their soul all the commands God has given 
(Deuteronomy 30:2). 


Kirsteen said...

What a great idea! I've seen this book pop up a few times now in blog world, and every time I mean to look into buying it but then forget.

Thanks for reminding me. I'm definitely off to check it out this time!

Kirsteen said...

Yay, I did it! Just bought it for my Kindle. Off to bed to read the first chapter and join in now!

Keri On said...

I have not heard of this book until now. Looking forward to checking it out! Thanks for the info!
Have a lovely day!

Danielle said...

You sweet sweet momma!
This whole post just gave me the goosebumps!
I love every bit of it!
Lord, I second every prayer by their sweet momma. You've already blessed them with a wonderful family, help then to grow up in the knowledge and admonition of you!

Keri On said...

Just downloaded the book onto my computer! Thanks for the info! Looking forward to reading it!

Amber said...

what a wonderful thing to pray for!


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