Monday, September 14, 2009

Colonial Williamsburg VA

I finally got all my pictures up of our trip. We used our Timeshare and stayed in Colonial Williamsburg for two days while we were away. It was so nice to relax and just enjoy.

I will be posting more pictures SOON. It has been so much fun having my sister stay with us. I have so much to share. We have been reorganizing our little house so my sister is comfortable. I want to post pictures of her room. And pictures of ours. I also need to post pictures of our house but it is a mess right now. 

 We are trying to make a schedule in the mornings. We thought, blogging and tea with toast sounds excellent. So I am going to try and post once a day like I used to. 


Elizabeth said...

So nice to see some pictures! And I can't wait to read tomorrow's post :)

Amber said...

so beautiful! I love the long deep windows, and that arch covered walk!!


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