Friday, September 18, 2009

New Luggage

I found these cute new suitcases at the Christmas store here in Dayton. I loved them so much I had to get them, oh and Elizabeth got them also :) We certainly are a lot alike. We are using them tomorrow for a retreat Elizabeth and I are going to. So I will not be posting over the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Those are so pretty... and so YOU! You both have such good taste. Have fun on your little get away.

Davene said...

I really like those!

We've done a good bit of traveling during the past decade or so; and after spending hours (it seems) standing at airport carousels looking for our plain black luggage amidst the thousands of other black suitcases, I vowed that if I ever had to buy luggage again, it would NOT BE BLACK! :)

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Amber said...

oh those are so pretty!!! i hope you two have fun at your retreat!! (p.s. - tell your sister if she wants to read my blog too i just need her email to send her an invite)

Marie said...

Thanks Sharon and Davene, I love reading your sweet comments. Davene, I completely agree with you about that about finding my luggage at the air port.

Amber, thanks so much for your comment as well. Elizabeth said she would love to read your blog. Here is her address,


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