Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Visiting With Mom

I have been away so long because of our two week trip in North Carolina, Virginia and Florida When we got back My sister Elizabeth flew out to OH. Then we found out that my mom was flying in as well! She and my dad had been unavoidably detained when little Zane arrived, so this was the first time she got to meet her grandson. I think they both liked each other :)
It was so nice having her here for the first time. She brought so much joy in our home, she spoiled us rotten, she bought us food, cooked, cleaned and helped with the baby! All us girls talked our heads off the whole week. Jon did pretty well having three females talking day and night.

The day after my mom arrived Jon and I got to go to Sean Hannity's Freedom Concert in Cincinnati for our Anniversary! We have two anniversaries, one is August and one in November so its fun to celebrate twice a year!! Sean's Freedom concert was so amazing. Michael W. Smith was there ( He was my favorite) Billy Ray Cirus, Lee Greenwood and a bunch more! We had so much fun riding all the rides at Kings Island and then getting to watch Sean Hannity's radio show live! It was the first time we left the baby with some one but who better than Aunty and Grammy!

Later in the week we went to visit Patty because Elizabeth wanted to meet her and possibly do a home birth also. Patty gave her a check up and said she was healthy and her vitamin intake looked really good. We also got to hear the baby's heart beat for the first time! Later Patty drove us to one of her amish friends and we got to visit with the wife and her small boys. She was so sweet and friendly. We then went to a local amish store where we got fresh eggs and bread and fresh maple syrup for really good prices!

On Thursday I fly down to phoenix to help Elizabeth drive back to OH. Benjamin her husband is in the navy now so she is going to stay awhile with us. My dad is currently visiting Phoenix and will also get to meet the baby along with my brother Nathan and Himilce! I can't wait to meet their little new arrival also!

I still want to post pictures of our new little house, and also of our trip in florida. So maybe when I get back next week some time, until then Cheerio!!


Amber said...

That's so fun! What a great concert that must've been! I really like Michael Smith too. I bet you had so much fun with your mom and sister! :)

Davene said...

What a busy summer you're having! It sounds like so much fun. I hope the flight goes very smoothly for you and Zane!

living from glory to glory said...

Dear Marie, how I loved seeing your sweet Zane on your Mommas blog, it was a perfect picture. Can I come stay with you girls. I am having so much fun with this blogging. Wait aren't we suppose to mentor you!!
love you so much

Meredith Ivy said...

I've been thinking of you and Elizabeth a lot and hoping your drive back to OH is going smoothly! Zane is becoming quite the little traveler. :) I know y'all must be loving all of this great sister time. I enjoyed seeing some pictures from your last visit at your mom's blog. Please let me know how long Elizabeth is staying here on the east coast and if there is any chance we could meet up somewhere somehow! :)


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