Friday, January 15, 2010

Baby Booties

I found these little booties for Zane at Target and they are the only shoes that stay on him. They are leather bound and they have little spandex around the ankles so it stretches when you put his feet through it and then it tightens when his ankles are in. You can get them from 0 - 3 months 3 - 6 and 6 - 9 and then 12 months.
The booties are little dogies. He knew they were for him when he saw me pull them out of the Target bag.
. The reason I like shoes for Zane is because he is in his car all the time and his little feet get dirty so quickly.


Anonymous said...

Aww so cute!!! Xander had little leather ones that had trains on them. I just got Madison some at target a few weeks ago. The are slipper like on the bottom, a bit of a sole but not hard like a shoe and they go a little ways up her calm. They are so cute and warm.... unfortunatly they don't stay on nearly as well as I thought they were going to!!

Amber said...

how cute!! my mom bought some like that for Jaxson in Ireland but they were blue with little monkeys, i think they are the cutest little baby shoes!

Davene said...

I need to get some for Shav...maybe I'll look at Target. Thanks for the heads-up! :)

Katheryn said...

I absolutely LOVE the hair and outfit. So cute! Zane is such a cutie pie. We have those shoes too, all the kids have worn them, they are so great! You can throw them in the wash too, just don't dry them. :) Enjoy the cold, snowy weather and each other. We miss you and love you.


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