Friday, January 15, 2010

Elizabeth's Baby

My sister Elizabeth is now 37 weeks today. She is getting a bigger belly as I wright :) I took these pictures of her and I think she is so beautiful. I love seeing pregnant women. They seem even more feminine and lovely.

Elizabeth and Benjamin have chosen to wait to see the baby's sex. I am so excited about finding out. I am also excited that Elizabeth has chosen to have the baby here in OH and in our home. She really wanted to have a home birth and also because she really likes Patty my Midwife. I can't believe that I will be able to be at Elizabeth's birth. I am excited to assist Patty if she needs anything. And to see God's amazing miracle preform in action.
Just three more weeks and I will be a aunty again :)


Holly Trujillo said...

Oh, my! Elizabeth looks so beautiful!!!!!!!!! That is wonderful she is going to have a home birth at your home, what memories!!!

Anonymous said...

So Pretty!! What a wonderful sister you are!! The first birth I attended.. Cindy's first son Joshua. I filmed it. Later everyone asked "what's that sound?" I had to sheepishly admit that it was me.... SOBBING!! Enjoy the beauty and miracle of your niece or nephew's birth!! :) Wish I could be there :)

Marie said...

Thank you Holly. I wish you could be here for the birth. I am really missing you because were coming into February and we had the best of fun with our Valentines celebrations. I sure miss those days :(

Thank you Sharon, that is so sweet of you. I love hearing all about birthing stories. And you are so cute crying on the camera while filming.

Amber said...

she does look really lovely, I love her blonde curls with the ivory top! How exciting for you to be able to be there and help, what a terrific bonding moment! :D


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