Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Baby's First Teeth

Zane got his teeth for Christmas, and he sure is loving them.
Boy are these teeth sharp! He just loves chewing on fingers, tables and puppy anything and everything he can get his mouth around.
He must be teething some whoppers right now because he sure is fussy these last two days. Last night he was up until 11:45 poor little guy


Help Meet in the Making said...

So sweet!!

Amber said...

cold teethers always seem to help (though I'm sure you know this and have some!) He sure is such a cutie!

Holly Trujillo said...

What cute teeth! For Baby Elizabeth we use teething tablets from our health food store. They are by Hyland's homeopathic.

Anonymous said...

Ohh we second the hyland's teething tablets, they are so wonderful!!!

Marie said...

Thanks so much everyone for your lovely comments.

I love hearing everyone's advice and suggestions, it means so much to me.

P.S. I too have found these wonderful tablets that work wonderfully for the little Lad!


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