Thursday, February 25, 2010

Catching Up With My Mom and Dad

Sorry it has taken me almost two weeks to catch up with the lovely visit of my parents. I got so many pictures of them with Zane and cousin Winston and I was so excited to post them.

My mom holding little Winston.

My Dad Holding Winston for the first time.

Of course Zane loved his Grandpa's Air-Plane rides. I don't know if he could get enough kisses and tickles from Grandpa.
Zane just loved and admired his Grammy's pearl necklace.
He loved it even more when she let him play with it and put it in his mouth to chew.

The visit was so delightful. We got to celebrate my moms Birthday while they were here. Elizabeth and I made her a custom blend liquid foundation, and a custom blend mineral powder foundation. We also had fun making a mineral blush of her choosing. On Friday they took Elizabeth and I to get our nails done. I had forgotten how nice it was to have pretty polished finger nails. Thank you so much Mom and Dad for all your love and care. You spoiled us rotten while you were here. Jon and I miss you and love you so much.

Some little man learned how to stand up in his crib while Grandpa and Grammy were visiting! He was so proud of himself when he found that he could hold himself up and even risk a couple jumps up and down.
I was so glad I was there to get pictures.

These are the roses my dad got us three girls for Valentines day.
I still have to post the pictures of my other flowers Jon got me. So many beautiful flowers in one month. Elizabeth got flowers from the church for the birth, My dad's roses, Jon's flowers, Elizabeth's roses that Benjamin sent her for their Anniversary, ( that she left here because she couldn't possibly take them on the plane with the baby.) I have a house full of lovely flowers. I have come to the conclusion that if ever I could afford it I would have flowers in the windows, and on the mantle, and dinning room table, and piano every day of my life! I'm sure you are thinking, "Wouldn't we all"

Granny and Grandpa also got us CHOCOLATE!!!!!

This is my new "Favorite" now! I love all the different flavors each chocolate has. My favorite flavor is the coffee with cream :))

I had to post some pictures of the Cutie Pie while I was posting. Can't resist his chubby face and chubby sticky hands. And those cheeks are just too cute. Jon and I can't stop kissing him. Jon is always smelling and kissing him every chance he's in his arms and of course while he is asleep. I still thank God for such a wonderful husband, best friend and father to my baby. I couldn't have gotten a better man. I tell him that I struck gold when I married him :)


Help Meet in the Making said...

What a lovely visit with your mom and dad. The flowers are beautiful and I agree--you can never have too many flowers! Elizabeth's little boy is so precious, and little Zane is growing up so fast!
I love the glimpse of his bottom two teeth in the last picture! :)

Amber said...

what great pictures! You sure have a gorgeous set of parents, now I know where you and Elizabeth get your good looks! ;> I think Zane was just testing the pearls to see if they were real, rubbing them against his teeth. LOL I love the fact that your dad bought you and Elizabeth flowers on V-Day, what a sweet thoughtful dad!! Also, I love the glimpse of the puppy, he sure is getting tall!

Marie said...

Oh thanks for your comment Help Meet In The Making! I love it when you stop by :)

Thanks so much Amber for your compliments. I think you are kind to say that Elizabeth and I got our looks from our parents. I just hope that i have skin like my mom's when I'm her age, because it is flawless.
Yeah, your right about Zane, he was only interested to see if the pearls were real. LOL!!
Yes the pup has gotten big. I am doing a post coming soon about the pup so stay tuned :)

Elizabeth said...

You did my heart well when I saw these pictures!!! Love you :(


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