Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Florida Fun and More Fun

Well, we all had such a delightful time away. Our stay at the GRAND Westin was glorious. We had so much fun walking up and down all the streets outside our hotel. We had dinner one night at a spanish resteruant with really neat old world chairs and tables. The food was old world looking and tasting too.

The hotel was very grand and luxurious. Luckily Jon found a great deal through price line. We got more than 50 percent off.

We had so much fun at our conference. I was surrounded by girls, makeup, fashion. Motives introduced a whole bunch of new products that I am so excited to try.
Jon and the baby unfortunately got sick while we were gone. So strange that they got a cold in the warm weather and not the cold.
My mom was here to welcome us on our return home. We arrived to a wonderful homemade meal of roast beef with potatoes, roads rolls, gravy and spinach. The spinach wasn't really spinach but beat leaves she cooked up just like you would with spinach leaves. She added mushrooms and butter. I had three helpings of that.

Elizabeth and I have been having so much fun with our mom.
We are trying to get everything ready for the baby.
We went shopping at Walmart today which was so much fun.
We all three had shopping carts and steered our carts together looking and browsing for whatever we needed. Later we went to Hobby Lobby and spent 2 hours going through their 66 percent off aisle and the Valentines aisle ( I am so excited for Valentines Day, its one of my very favorite holidays) and then browsed through all the material. My mom is making Elizabeth a diaper bag. I have been rushing to make and finish Elizabeth's baby present which is a crochet yellowish baby blanket. I will post the pictures when I am finished.

Thank you all for your sweet comments you made on my previous posts. I love hearing from you. You are my dearest friends and I hope you know how much I appreciate your friendships.


Holly Trujillo said...

What a beautiful place to stay! I am very gald for you that you were so inspired by the conference. You three look so lovely together!
I am sure that you two are having a blast with your mom. Give everyone my love.

Meredith Ivy said...

Your pictures look like on a cruise boat; everything is so elegant! I am happy that you, Elizabeth, and your mom are able to share a few days together in preparation for the little one's arrival!

Much love to all of you!

Amber said...

I love those big white doors! Your afternoon at Hobby Lobby sounds too fun, I may have to indulge some of that myself! I'm sorry Zane and Jon got sick, maybe it was the change from cold to warm that did it? I hope they are feeling better now! Have fun with your mom! :D

Marie said...

Thanks so much Holly, We had a lot of fun, and yes it was fun getting inspired at the conference. Thanks for the comment

Thank you Meredith, Yes we felt like we were on a cruise ship. Yes, our mom is so much fun and its even better when all three of us are together.

Amber, I thought of you when I found that door. We had fun taking pictures in front of it. The building was a interior designer company, I wanted to go in and see all their lovely furniture but it was a office so I felt awkward just looking around.


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