Thursday, February 4, 2010

Grammy and Baby

Baby is having so much fun with his Grammy. He loves hearing her laugh, if he's busy driving his car, Grammy will laugh and he will stop and look up to see what she is laughing about and then smile.
I bring him in Grammy's room in the mornings and its so much fun hearing him laugh with Aunty and Grammy as I'm getting Jon's breakfast and lunch ready.

He is just now starting to kiss, he opens his mouth and sticks his tongue out when you start making the kissing noise. He kissed the phone when his Grandpapa was making kissings sounds through the phone for Zane.

Benjamin is going to be arriving soon when he hears his baby is on the way. My dad will join us also. He is excited to see both of his grand babies .


Holly Trujillo said...

Zane is such a cutie!!! His kisses sound so adorible. How full your house is with love! Thinking of you all the time. Love you my sister.

Amber said...

what cute pictures!! :D

Where Your Treasure Is said...

Thanks for the great post, it made me bust my buttons. Ha

Love Mom, (Grammy)


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