Friday, January 28, 2011

Zane's Teething Days

Zane has had a week of teething. 
Our days are filled with him clinging to my legs and crying, following me around the house wimpering, wanting me to hold him. Crying if he sees that I am leaving him because I have to get out to do an errand while he stays with daddy. Yes I have to remind myself that this needy time of his will pass and I will look back and wish I could hold him in my arms again, wish that he wanted me to carry him around the house all day long. 
These two little gadgets are his favorite toys these days. He loves his little red phone, and his Micky Mouse fork. 
I find his phone in curious places. Yesterday I found his phone under the sink cabinet in the bathroom.
Also in the corner of the bed frame in the down stairs guest bedroom. Its funny because he always seems to find it.
His fork has been EVERYWHERE, I have to clean it every time I use it. Not sure if it just came out of the dogs mouth, the dogs water bowl, toy box, under any nook and cranny he likes to place it.
I sure love this little boy :)


Elizabeth said...

Wow! I get to be the first commenter :P

Zane is soooo cute! He reminds me of Winston in these pictures. Especially the first one! Sooo PRECIOUS! The story about the phone and fork really had me laughing!

Davene Grace said...

Isn't it funny how even very little children can find things? When something around here gets lost, I've learned to ask Tobin where it is, and often he'll tell me! :)

One other factor (that I'm sure you've already considered) with Zane's clinginess is the adjustment to being a big brother. I don't know how it's been for you, but I found that my boys were always so loving towards their new brother (thank God!), but their behavior in other areas went downhill. Even though Zane won't remember a time when Ezra wasn't born, he's still going through a huge adjustment now. I'm sure you're doing this, but pour lots of grace over his sweet head.

And while you're at it, pour lots of it over your head, too!! :)

Pioneer Beauty said...

Dearest Marie,

I was just visiting over at your Mom's and seeing that delicious Potatoe Soup she cooked up.. : )

Zane's teething is reminding of my long road of teething ahead of me..are little big man only has two broken completely through and some others getting ready to break through...and all of the same symptoms of Needing..I have actually been getting NO sleep as he wants to Nurse all night long for comfort...

But I must admit I wouldn't have it any other He lay's with me in Bed in the middle of the night and I see him resting in between my husband and I as I am carressing his sweet head and praying over him and my husband...
It makes the Night hours very Sweet..

I wish I lived within driving distance as I would love to stop by and get a peak and of course SMELL that new baby smell.. : )
of your SWEET little Ezra...
and your Zane and my Benjamin could talk about their teething.. : )

Much Love to you and yours
In Christ


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