Wednesday, January 23, 2008


We have five new members of our family now instead of three, Jonathan the Turtle and Myself. We have two new kitties!!! John found them on again Craigslist!! This sweet couple was from India. Their visas expired and they have to go back to India. They were trying to get an extension but were denied. So they had to get rid of their 7 month old kittens! The kitties came with chips embedded in them and the rest of their paraphernalia! They didn't charge us a dime for anything. The cats are really good and well trained! At night when we go to bed we put them in "their" bathroom so they won't wake us at night. They just went right to sleep on their kitty bed and we never heard a peep out of them. They are really cozy and comfy cats! I LOVE YOU JONATHAN!!!!!!!!! 


New Mom said...

Hmmm, well what can I say, you already know what I think about that.... :P

Marie M said...

Yes, I do already know, but thanks for the comment anyways!!!!


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