Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Sweet Olechka

Its been so wonderful being married to my husband Jonathan now for almost 2 months! I have never been so happy in all my life. I never knew how wonderful married life could be! God has truly been so good to give Jonathan to me!! 
 Even though I am so happy, I have been missing my family in Colorado, in particular my sweet younger sister Olga. She has been such a blessing in my life since she came into our family a year and half ago! She comes all the way from Russia with my two other brothers, Russell and Eddie. God knew I needed Olga when my twin sister Elizabeth got married! Olga and I had each other and clung to each other for support. I knew she would feel sad about my leaving the house just like how I felt Elizabeth leaving me. 
Olga and I used to share a room, share a closet and share a bed. We would always have stories to tell each other the next morning on how one girl kicked the other girl on the head during the night! 
We would share each other's clothes and inspire each other to try a new style. Olga has such a fashion eye. She's always inspiring me with new clothes ideas! I came home for Christmas with a new pair of boots. I didn't know how to wear my jeans inside of them without feeling dorky, so I would just wear the boots with the jeans on the outside. I asked her how I should wear them and she just graved my foot and tucked my jeans in side the boot and then puffed out the jeans just a little at the top edge of the boot. I love those boots now! She is 16 and at the best age to find every girlie thing in common. We talk on the phone a couple times a week but it is still hard. Being in Scottsdale has allowed me to be near my sister Elizabeth and my sister in law Ruthie, which is so wonderful because we get to see each other more often! We just need Sweet Olechka to fill the gap! My sister in law Himilce is in Colorado as well whom I miss. I realized that its my family who are my friends.  The Lord sure has blessed me with a great family and a great husband!!!


New Mom said...

All the more reason to keep on praying for the BIG deal to catapult us right out of CO!

Marie M said...

Yes, I so agree!!! Thanks for the comment!

Elizabeth said...

Olga! What cute pictures! What is her blog address Marie?


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