Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My new tea set!!!

Jonathan just bought me this sweet amazing Silver tea set a couple of weeks ago! He got it off of craigs list for 35 dollars! The man he bought it from also threw in a lot more silver items as well! I have been having so much fun with it! Every time I have tea time (which is every day) I serve it in my new tea set! I also have been making soft boiled eggs for breakfast with toast and tea and it looks so British!! Jonathan is the best!!
The tea cup in the picture is what I got from Russia a year in a half ago. The name of the china is called Katherine The Great. I got is really cheap at a flea market in Moscow.


Jam said...

I don't know about that.. anyway, I love the picture, the room looks so nice lol

Elizabeth said...

Your room looks magnificent! I love the new bed cover =)

P.S. The tea set is lovely!

New Mom said...

Marie, what a steal! I want it and I don't even drink tea! Now you better be using that little silver tea strainer with it :)

Davene said...

What were you doing in Russia? :)


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