Monday, January 21, 2008


At the great corwall estate of Manderly, Maxim de Winter and his frightened new wife try to live with the haunting legacy of Maxim's first wife, the beautiful and cold Rebecca, who died in a sailing accident. This English Mystery is very interesting and cozy! I at first wasn't too interested in it but page by page it captivated me. The new young wife of Maxim de Winter is really interesting how she falls in love with Maxim and comes home to his grand estate Manderly and faces a new and strange household. Of course the book is about the mystery behind Rebecca's death and if Maxim is still in love with his first wife. It is a very charming book and I highly recommend it! 

Since I have finished this book I feel quite alone. I always feel this way after finishing a good book!!! I chose to read Moby Dick.  So far it is funny which surprises me because I never thought Moby Dick would be funny! I will update you with the outcome of this book as well! Happy reading to all you book worms!!

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