Friday, January 25, 2008

Lisa's Monster Cookies

Well, what can I say? Himilce and Lisa has inspired me to bake! I used Lisa's cookie recipe and made some delicious cookies! I changed the recipe just a little since I didn't have m&m's. I added white chocolate chips instead. The are really yummy! Thanks Lisa and Himilce! 


Lisa said...

I feel like we're "hanging out" via blogging! It's so fun!

I need to know who is related to who. You girls are all so sweet.

AND white chocolate chips sound perfect. Good tip.

Marie M said...

Yes Lisa!! We are having so much fun aren't we!!!!

Ok lets see here, Elizabeth is my twin sister, her husband is my husbands brother. Himilce, (New Mom) is our sister in law. She is married to our brother. Ruthie is our other sweet sister in law. She is my husbands sister.
We love your blog and your comments!! I really like your recipes!!

Lisa said...

That's great! Now it's all making sense...although, I think I need a chart! HA!;-)


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