Saturday, April 5, 2008

My Silly Little Goose

I miss my Goose! Her name was Goosie Goose! I gave her away before I got married last year. I bought her in the spring time when they have the little chicks and baby ducks for sale at Big R. I couldn't resist the little peeper. She was a very good goose until she started chasing our dogs and cats. Then she started getting in my mom's vegetable garden. I started putting her in her pin more and more. A little while latter I bought her a plastic kid pool that they sell at Walmart, She loved it. She bathed every hour, dunking her beautiful neck in the water. I loved to watch her from the window, bathing, trimming our front lawn, chasing grass hoppers. Latter she started visiting our neighbor who lives down the road. He called me one day informing me that my goose had bitten his dog. He was really nice about it but I knew I had to get rid of her. So I started looking around for someone who could take my little pet.  I couldn't find any one who wanted her. My sister Olga and I tried taking her to the park in town and leaving her at the city pond, that was one of the most difficult 2 hours I have spent in my life. She honked and honked at us following us all over the park not wanting us to leave her. My sister and I had a hard time fighting back tears. It started raining and I knew I couldn't just leave my little friend all alone in a big loud city, so of course I took her back  home with me again. She was back to her same self again, honking, bathing, eating up all our veggies, biting the dogs and cats. She couldn't help but be a goose!!! I started praying that the Lord would find me a home for her. One day I was driving down the road with a friend of mine and we were discussing the matter, as we passed this little sweet house with a little pond of ducks and geese! I knew it was the Lord, I turned around and we knocked on the front door! It turns out the gentleman who lived there was a retired veterinarian who loved and understood ducks and geese! He agreed to take my goose and provide a happy little goose home for her!! I know this is a little silly story but I know the Lord heard my prayer and He cares so much for me that He would even provide a lush, gorgeous, safe little home for my goose! How much more He must care for us! Even though it was a goose and not a sparrow this story makes me remember this verse in Matthew:
Matthew 10:29-31 (New International Version)
29Are not two sparrows sold for a penny[a]? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father. 30And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. 31So 
don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.


Elizabeth said...

=(So sweet! I loved that goose! I love the pictures too Marie!

Meredith said...

Aww, how sweet!

Lisa said...

You girls are so endearing! I love that you had a goose!!!

So sweet!

Davene said...

Thanks for sharing this story; it's so inspiring to see God's faithfulness in every aspect of life.

And I've gotta say: you're the first person I've ever known who had a pet goose. :)


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