Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday Morning!!!

Jonathan and I went garage sailing this morning! We went kinda late, but we still got some steals! I found this sweet little picture for 2 dollars!
I got these bottles for a dollar each. I love the pink depression glass one. It is really old! They had a lot of depression glass bottles but this was the only one with a lid. It looks really vintage I think!! Now I have to decide what I'm going to do with them. Any Suggestions?  


New Mom said...

Cute picture. I did have a good idea for the glass bottles until Nathan busted mine, I guess glass in the shower ISN'T a good idea.

Marie M said...

Oh no!!! Yeah that would have been cute! Right now their in the kitchen all grouped together, they look pretty nice!

Davene said...

Put M&M's in them??? :)

Can you tell I have a major sweet tooth and am craving chocolate right now?! :)

Marie M said...

Ha ha ha! I like your suggestion Davene! I should think about putting something in them! M&M's are one of my favorite sweets, I love the the Almond M&M's!! You got chocolate on my mind now!!


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