Monday, April 7, 2008

Tidbits Of Dinesh D'souza

I copied and pasted  from Dinesh D'souza's blog again! Here is some really good, healthy reading for everyone!!!

The real problem with Darwinism in the public school classroom is that it is often taught in an atheist way. Textbooks by biologists like William Provine and Richard Dawkins routinely assert that evolution has done away with the need for God. The claim is that chance and natural selection have demonstrated that we can have design--or the appearance of design--without a designer. In this sense Darwinism becomes propaganda for atheism.
Typically evangelical Christians seek to counter this atheism by trying to expose the flaws in the Darwinian account of evolution. This explains the appeal of "creation science" and the "intelligent design" (ID) movement. These critiques, however, have not made any headway in the scientific community and they have also failed whenever they have been tried in the courts. Fortunately there is a better way.

Consider this: the First Amendment to the Constitution prohibits public schools from teaching or promoting atheism in any way. How do I know this? Well, the religion clauses of the First Amendment protect the "free exercise" of religion and at the same time forbid the "establishment" of religion. Courts have routinely held that the free exercise clause protects not only religious beliefs but also the absence of religious beliefs. If you are fired from your government job because you are an atheist, your First Amendment rights have been violated. In other words, the term "religion" means not only "religion" but also "atheism."
Yet if the free exercise clause defines religion in a way that includes atheism, then the no-establishment clause must define religion in the same way. So the agencies of government are prohibited from "establishing" not only religion but also atheism. This means that just as a public school teacher cannot advocate Christianity or hand out Bibles to his students, so too public school textbooks and science teachers cannot advocate atheism.
I'd like to see Christian legal groups suing school districts for promoting atheism in the biology classroom. No need to produce creationist or ID critiques of Darwinism. All that is necessary is to parade the atheist claims that have made their way into the biology textbooks and biology lectures. The issue isn't the scientific inadequacy of evolution but the way in which it is being used to undermine religious belief and promote unbelief. If the case can be made that atheism is being advocated in any way, then the textbooks would have to be rewritten and classroom presentations changed to remove the offending material. Schools would be on notice that they cannot use scientific facts to draw metaphysical conclusions in favor of atheism.
In this way Darwinism in the public schools would no longer be a threat to religion in general or Christianity in particular.


Davene said...

OK, Marie, I've just finished reading back through your blog from the beginning...what fun!

I have a few questions. :)

First, where does the title of your blog come from? Maybe it's some well-known quote that I should be familiar with? But in any case, it's not ringing a bell, so I wondered what the story is behind it. :)

Second, I'm assuming that you are no longer working for that family that you had mentioned (the difficult divorce situation). Do you have a new job?

Third, I would love to hear more about your family background, growing up years, etc. What did your parents do to create such devotion to God and to family in you children?

It's so much fun to read about the fun newlywed things you and Jonathan do. It brings back so many memories of my newlywed years (10 years ago)! :)

Marie M said...

Davene, your so sweet, Were should I start? The title of my blog came from a song that I love called (Marble Halls) Its by Enya and its about how she had a dream that she was living in a place that was royal and it had marble halls. In the song she sings about how well she was esteemed and thought of by all the land. Then she sings that the best part of the dream was, "that you love me still, that you loved me still the same". I don't know why I love that song but It puts such a lovely picture in my head. I will post the music video so you can hear the song!!!

Second: Lets see, about the family that I was working for, Well, my job ended about a week and a half ago. I have been seeking another nanny position since then, that has been very stressful and burdensome for me, please pray for me when ever you think of it, I'm in the same boat as Himilce. I have had a lot of job offers but non that is what I have been wanting.

Third, about my family, My parents love the Lord and taught us how to love and fear Him. My mom home schooled us from the start to the finish. We were the only family at our church that was home schooled, we were considered the freaks at the time. I don't know if we still are freaks, I hope not. I loved being home schooled. I remember my mother warning us if we weren't going to behave at school time then she was going to send us to school, we would immediately shape up because we didn't want to go to school. She taught us to love history and the importance of knowing world history and our nations history and the love that our founding fathers had for the Lord which we don't hear in schools nowadays. She put a passion in us for books, which all of us kids still love to do to this day. I owe so much to my mom. About 2 years ago my parents heard about Himilce's family hosting kids from Russia in their home. They told us about how they were going to adopt and my parents have always wanted to have more kids and have tried several times adopting but it never could happen because my parents could never afford it. Himilce's family told us about these 2 children named Russell and Olga and how good they were, my parents knew that these were their kids. It turns out that they were a family of three and there was a little brother who was still in Russia. My parents did about a year of paper work and meetings. They flew to Russia and met the kids. The kids loved mom and dad and my parents had a hard time leaving them after the 4 days visit. Russia requires the family to visit Russia twice, the second time my parents went I went with them to get the kids. This trip was very difficult because we were there for almost 3 and half weeks. Russia is a now free but you still feel the after effects of communism. The kids were very scarred of us and they didn't trust us. It was a very hard couple of weeks. When we got home we were so exhausted and worried. Russell was 15, Olga 14 and Eddie was 10. The first 6 months were probably the hardest for us all. They didn't know the language and the culture shock was very hard. About the time our family anniversary came the Lord had done his miracle in our family, He knit us all together and we had finally became a family. We are approaching our second Anniversary this June and I can say that even another year has brought us closer. Its weird to us that these sweet kids grew up without our family the first years of their lives. We feel like they were always ours. I stayed at home for about a year and a half to help out. Then as you know my prince came and married me and took me home to his castile!! Or I should say "Marble Halls"

Davene said...

Thanks, Marie, for taking the time to write all this! It's very interesting!!!


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