Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nursing Tea

Any of you moms having trouble with gassy babies? My midwife gave me some of this Nursing Tea and it helps increase moms milk and it also helps with baby's gas and indigestion. It also helps heal moms uterus back to its original size. I used it the first couple days and it helped bring my milk supply in, but I stopped for some reason. The baby has had bad gas and is having a hard time digesting, so out came the tea again. So far I can see it is helping him. I just started last night so its a little early to judge but he has been able to sleep more :) Here is the site to buy the tea if any of you moms need more milk or need help with the gas or indigestion or even colic.


Help Meet in the Making said...

I just read your post and then went over to Passionate Homemaking and read her post about this! Must be the topic of the day! :)

Amber said...

how cool! I would never even think of something like this!

mamajil said...

I have used this tea...lots of times!!! I also use the baby mylicon gas drops they are wonderful and sold over the counter... I will be praying for your little one and his tummy!!
take care

Marie said...

Mamajil, thanks for your wonderful recommendation. I am excited to try the Mylicon gas drops! It is so sad to see them in so much pain.


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