Friday, July 17, 2009

Meredith's Little Woolies

Yesterday I came home from running some errands and I found a yellow envelope in the mail box addressed to Zane Marius. I looked at the return address and the name was Meredith Alexander. Surprised and overjoyed, I eargerly opened up the envelope and I pulled out this sweet little "Woolie" Meredith had affectionately sewn for little Zane! It is so beautiful! She embroidered his name as you can see in the pictures. Her beautiful card was homemade also and it had the sweetest note of greetings and encouragement and told me how her mom had made her one when she was a baby and called them " Woolies"
Thank you Meredith, you are so good to us! By the way, the Safari pattern is so cute and it goes beautifully with nursery.


Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness! I have been waiting so patiently to see Meredith's blankie! It is so very sweet Marie :)

Judith said...

I'm so glad you have good people among you, giving u so beautiful stuff for little Zane. I need you new address I can't let people giving you precious items but me... jeje I'm so happy for you guys, as I told Jon this baby comes with lots of blessings. God is so good.. praise Him!!!!

Amber said...

what a beautiful blanket!! :)


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