Monday, July 13, 2009

More Pictures

I'm so sorry it has taken so long to post. I have been wanting to but haven't felt up to it. I have made a good collection of baby photos! I hope I'm not boring anyone with so many pics, but I can't get enough of this little guy :)
His little tummy keeps him up all night and I wake up hearing him grunting so its hard for me to sleep when I hear him in pain or discomfort, I try to nap in the day, while he's sleeping. I'm trying to enjoy the advantage of having just one child right now because the next time around I won't be getting much naps in with two :) I sure admire you moms with more than one child!

Himilce gave us this cute little outfit. I don't know if you can read his little shirt, but it says  on the front " If I'm not sleeping ( on the back of the bottoms it says) " Nobody is".
Jon and I can't stop smelling him touching and watching him. Even when I'm so tired at night when its 2 in the morning and I'm not awake, he makes me smile and love him all the more.


Lisa said...

sweet photos! I can tell you're smitten.;-)

Davene said...

Aw, take your time adjusting to your new life. I'm always eager to see your new posts, but blogging can wait. This time with your son is irreplaceable!

The adjustment from no children to one is a BIG deal. I guess each time a child is added to a family, the adjustment is a little different...but there's nothing like that first huge earthquake as suddenly your life changes forever with the arrival of your first.

Enjoy the hugs and kisses and cuddles and snuggle times!

Amber said...

don't worry we are all loving the baby pictures, he is just beautiful, he really looks like Jon alot, but I think he has your mouth :) I'm so glad you are enjoying your sweet little baby so much, I'm envious :)

Marie said...

Thank you all for your comments.
Davene, you are an encourager, I appreciate your kind words :)

Yes Lisa we are "Smitten" :)

Amber, I agree with you. I also think he looks like Jon and he has my mouth:) Thanks so much for the love you share:)

Lizzy said...

wow! what a HANDSOME baby boy!! so happy for you! I think I said this in a previous comment on your blog, but seeing pics of little Zane makes me want to have one and I've only been married a month! hee hee.


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