Monday, September 27, 2010

Cleanliness is Coziness

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I love reading old english books, and how they would write about their cozy nurseries where the children lived and played and grew up in. 

I have been in the happy stage of nesting for our newest little one. It has been very enjoyable because I usually dread the thought of organizing. My closets and cupboards are twinkling with shine and order. My basement is on the verge of being put away and cleaned out. The kitchen cupboards are organized due to the new paint job. And the garage is FINALLY cleaned out from our garage sale!! This gives such a cozy and snug feeling to my senses. Still not finished but had to stop and share how wonderful a feeling I am partaking in. There is something cozy about having a baby in the winter time. I think because your safe and snug indoors and the warmth you feel seems even warmer.  I am so thankful that I am now feeling better and I really appreciate planning for these next months. 

Picture -Books In Winter 
* Robert Louise Stevenson

Summer fading, winter comes-
 frosty mornings, tingling thumbs,  
Window robins,winter rooks,
 And the picture story-books. 

  Water now is turned to stone
  Nurse and I can walk upon; 
 Still we find the flowing brooks 
 In the picture story-books.  
 All the pretty things put by,  
Wait upon the children's eye, 
 Sheep and shepherds,
 trees and crooks, 
 In the picture story-books.   
We may see how all things are
  Seas and cities, near and far, 
 And the flying fairies' looks,  
In the picture story-books. 
  How am I to sing your praise,  
Happy chimney-corner days, 
 Sitting safe in nursery nooks,  
Reading picture story-books? 


Pam said...

It cracks me up that you posted this sweet little RLR
poem. I was just reading it out of my new little antique store treasure I found the other day, and thought it was scrumpscious and here you post it. Also, love the picture and the post sweetie. Love to think of you "nesting". Makes me feel like "nesting".
perhaps its a grandma thing, its "sympathy nesting".
Love you,

Danielle said...

Nothing like nesting for a new little one! My things were drawers, and closets. . . not sure why. :-D
Wish I was closer and could come and nest with you! Though I'm sure we would drink unhealthy amounts of tea. :-D

Love you! Keep these blogs comin! I've missed you!!!

Amber said...

and you have such a pretty cozy house to snuggle up in too :)

mamajil said...

What a sweet post!!! love the pic and poem!

Davene said...

Oh, how fun!

I love nesting - at any time of the year - whether pregnant or not - no matter what. :) But especially when pregnant...and especially before a winter's so cozy.

Enjoy the order and beauty you've created in your home!!


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