Friday, September 24, 2010

Going With The Moby Wrap

Late last night I was up searching for a baby wrap for the next baby on the way. I finally made my decision and am now excitedly awaiting its arrival. 
I love that this wrap is easy on the back. Doing gymnastics growing up hasn't been to kindly to my back and neck. And all the baby wraps seem to depend on the support of the shoulders and neck. I like that this wrap places all the support evenly around the shoulders and the back for support. 

I am ordering my Moby Wrap from CSN stores they have everything from Dining Tables to kitchen appliances to baby stuff. 
Here are some videos that shows you how to wear a Moby Wrap



Pioneer Beauty said...

Oh Marie,

I only wish I would have known..I have a brand knew one that I never used...I would of been more than happy to give it to you...Its the black one...I look forward to speaking with you..

In Christ

Elizabeth said...

Marie this looks amazing! It looks cute and comfortable. I love the black one that the lady in the video has. I can't wait to see yours!

Marie said...

That is SO sweet Angelina, well who knows you might want to keep it, maybe another baby would fit just nicely in it :)
But thank you for your sweet thoughts of me.
And yes we do need to catch up and have a nice chat soon!!

Elizabeth, we can always do the switch when you have another one on the way!!

~ Marie

Amber said...

how cute is this?! and the baby looks so snuggly in it - I've always loved these kind of wraps/baby holders :)

mamajil said...

Oh that looks so neat, I use a regular ole sling but I love this one!! If the Lord blesses us with another child I will definately have to remember this wrap! Very cool :)


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