Monday, September 20, 2010

Yummy New Decorations For Kitchen

 I have been wanting to post my newly painted Kitchen but don't feel like it is yet finished so I will wait a bit. In the meantime here are some fun new little items that I found and gave a makeover to for my newly painted kitchen.
I got these little plastic pictures at the GoodWill for 1.99 apiece, I thought they would be lovely freshly painted with the color I have chosen for the Kitchen.

I found this little white cabinet at a garage sale for 1.00 that I can use in the kitchen. It needed a little touching up also.
I placed all my spices in these jars that I got for 59 cents at the Christmas Tree store. (I love that store)
I got my spices at the local health food store, I have found that it is so much cheaper to buy spices there then from the regular markets. They measure out how much you want and then seal them in plastic baggies and you are good to go. Of course you have to buy the bottles to put them in but I like that better then the plastic ones that spices come in from the local markets. 
I got this chair at a garage sale for 5.00
With Jon's help we went to Hobby Lobby and found some fabric on sale for 2.00 a yard and recovered it so now it looks like this! This chair will go in the Kitchen as well.
I know that coffee has nothing to do with redoing the kitchen but I have been really enjoying my grommet coffee percolator.
I have been warming my milk and frothing it and adding some yummy grommet syrups to it which makes me feel like I am drinking coffee from lovely fine coffee shop around the corner. And yes the coffee has been decaf for the baby :)
Just look at all the yummy froth!
Oh and I got these lovely cups on sale at Elder Beerman's for 8.00 a set of 4 cups. I thought I would love these cups even when I was as old as 80 so I splurged and got 2 sets :)

More pictures to come once I feel fully satisfied I am finished. 
We have been suffering from allergies over here, and then got nasty colds that followed. So hopefully I will be back on track this week and get this kitchen finished!
Patty came out last night and we enjoyed a nice long visit. Got to hear the baby's heart beat again and now we're really getting anxious to find out the baby's sex. I will let you know if we plan on going to the local clinic or wait for the school to open in October that takes parents in for free ultrasounds.
Happy Monday to all of my lovely friends!
~ Marie


Elizabeth said...

Oh Marie everything looks amazing! What a transformation with that chair! That cup of coffee looks divine! I too love glass bottles to store the spices in. I love your idea of a shelf. And the green shelves are so cute! I can't wait to see pictures of the kitchen :)

Pioneer Beauty said...

I just saw that you stopped by...I think I became a follower...I was over at Elizabeth's earlier today and I saw on the Top bar where it says "Next Blog" there was also a link to follow I think it worked..we'll see if you two pop up on my Reader when you post a new post...Okay Now on to the Kitchen...OOOOOOOHHHHHH!!! Love it..I ToTaLy get where your going and LOVE it...but I must Confess the Orginial Colors where Pretty as well...Oh my goodness We both have so much of the Same Taste...Love it...My house is filled with Antiques and Great VIntage finds...I also Can't wait to find out What this Little Blessing of yours is going to be ( actually is...) I am sure your Sweet Mommy is Bitting her Nails with Anticipation...I know I would be...I hope she doesn't finish all that wonderful Jam and Bread without me... : )

Have a Blessed Week...
Yes what a Blessing it was for Renata to win...The Lord is good..

Elizabeth said...

P.S. I forgot to mention that I LOVE your new blogroll list! The way the pictures show up is so FUN!!! I think I'm gonna have to copy! ;D LOVE LOVE LOVE all the pictures again!

Goodnight sis!

Amber said...

oh I love seeing all your gorgeous finds, I love that robin's egg blue color, and can't wait to see the kitchen! The idea for the spices and jars is so so cute, I may have to copy it! Oh I wished we lived in the same town, we could go thrifting together and have so much fun!! :)

Pam said...

Oh wow sweetie, I love it sooo much! I can't wait to see the little birds and flowers when they are hung up. I love the little spice shelf, and the aqua color is delicious. The shelves with the dishes look wonderful too. Gosh, wish I could be there. I had my macaroni and cheese today, but it was not near as delightful without you girls. Comfort food helps a little, but it is the company and the comfort food combined that really does the trick. I wish we could all go antiquing together. Oh, well, the time will come. And as Angelina said, I am also anxiously awaiting the news of our newest "itty bitty". You might have to put up a poll like Elizabeth did.
Love you so much sweetie,

New Mom said...

Marie! I am SO jealous of your finds! The shelf is perfect-- I think that the white will really help freshen up and break up the intensity of the blue... LOVE LOVE LOVE the spice jars-- what a steal! And the cups-- I agree to the set of 8, those are very chic. They look expensive and can go with any dishware. I'll bet those little birds would look cute with a little white wash to them also, then the blue could peek thru-- just a thought :) Anyway, can't wait to see the big reveal! (of the kitchen and the baby's gender!)

Holly Trujillo said...

I love the way you can see things in a totally new way then what they originally are, it reminds me of the way God sees us!
I love your blogging it is almost like being with you. love you sister

What a Wonderful World said...

Marie your post is so cozy with your talk of frothy milk and gourmet syrups makes me miss Europe. I am so excited to see your finished kitchen. And I love your new chair and especially your mugs!

mamajil said...

I love your treasures!!! Your post makes me want to give some things around here a new face!! Love it!!

Marie said...

Wish you were here Elizabeth drinking coffee with me :)

Thanks so much Angelina, I have seen a couple pictures of your office ( I think ) and it so inspired me. I love your taste and ideas!! I also got a live feed for the blog role. because you encouraged me to get one too. I have been really enjoying it.

Thanks so much Amber :) I know I love that robin blue too! Wish so bad we could bargain shop also. I am so glad we found each other online, and now are blogging friends!!

Thanks so much mom! I love that you had macaroni and cheese today. I could easily sit and eat a whole pot with you and drink tea, hot chocolate and coffee for the rest of the day LOL!!

Thanks Himilce,
I am glad you like the cups too. And thanks so much for all your suggestions. I like the idea of the white washing the pictures.

Thanks so much Holly, I love what you said. It is true about how the Lord sees us and brings us to be our fullest potential, love you too!

Thanks Jodi, We will have to have a cup of coffee together really really soon! Missing you.

Love you Mama Jil! Thanks for stopping by :)

Lizzy said...

GORGEOUS!!! you are quite the bargain hunter!! can't WAIT to see the final product!!

Danielle said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I am wanting to do black and white with RED in my kitchen, will you come and do mine????
WOW, that chair, I never would have thought it would look so GREAT! So chic!
I am DYING to get to the top of my bloglist to see if you posted the finished product yet!!!!
Love you so much!!!


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