Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Unveiling Of The Master Bedroom

*For everyone's information, I usually have a MUCH messier room on my hands then these pictures portray. I cleaned it so super duper clean for this post then I felt ashamed I was lying LOL it really isn't this clean usually, but I  do like to look back and imagine that I just live this way all the time LOL!

Anyways back to the new paint color and new furniture. 
We started painting because we got a new dresser (the one facing the picture) and it kinda set the direction that we were looking for. So we went and bought some paint and started redoing it all. And also started looking for another dresser.
 We first sold our old bedroom set on craigslist which we made more then spending on paint and furniture. This is the other dresser we found, we got it on craigslist.
This chair we found at a garage sale for $8.00 it was in such good condition that I was surprised it was so cheap.
Bedroom down kitchen to go. 
Searching for curtains and trying to finish some extra painting so we will see how soon I can get the kitchen posted.

I hope everyone is enjoying the second day of fall. Its funny because I found out it was officially fall yesterday and the day felt like such an introduction to winter. Today I made a nice big pot of Chili which I hope will last us the rest of this week.

Jon and I have been attending a parenting class at church on Wednesday nights  now and I am so enjoying it. Our teacher is the Pastor's wife and I have enjoyed all her experience and wisdom, she is really fun and the class is very laid-back. I also love that they serve coffee and yummy desserts. Zane is trying to adjust in the 1 year old nursery now. Every time I leave him I have to make a run for it, he starts crying immediately. I feel sick every time I do it. I can hear him crying down the hall as I go to my class. We try and keep him in the service on Sundays, he loves the worship, he sings so loud that everyone around us looks to see who is singing in such a baby way LOL! He also raises his hands up to Jesus like everyone else. Makes me just want to squeeze him :)


Kirsteen said...

Wow, your bedroom is so tranquil! I'm thinking of a similar colour scheme for our bedroom whenever we move.

I LOVE your bedspread too. And the furniture. In fact I love it all!

Marie said...

Oh thanks so much Kirsteen, I got that bedspread at a thrift store for $4.99!! Now I'm trying to keep Zane's little sticky fingers from it LOL!

Meredith Ivy said...

Sooo beautiful, Marie!! Your decorating is just delightfully vintage and elegant, yet not over done. I love it! Your incredible deals and frugality are so inspiring!

I love your disclaimer about how your room is not usually that clean. That should be the disclaimer on nearly all of my blog entries! I am always taking pictures that may look lovely, but it is only because the messes are carefully not captured or they are already cropped out!

Help Meet in the Making said...

I'm a little envious that it's so cool there already, it's still pretty hot in southern Indiana.
I love that gorgeous canopy, and the mirror in the door of the dresser is really nice. Just love the whole vintage look that you have created with your bedroom!

Pioneer Beauty said...

Oh how very lovely and seems like a great place of refuge to curl up with the Bible and get away with the Lord...Oh my heart just broke when I read your heart torwads your sweet baby boy Zane..I felt very much the same way as you...and truly is to much to say and try to express on this page..but I would love to share it with you...I will be posting in the future on it..but if you would ever like to hear my experiences please email me and we can talk over the phone..

Pam said...

Oh its so pretty Marie, I just love it. I love the antique dressers, what fun deals you have found. The paint looks really nice too. It all looks lovely together. I loved all your coments as well... the fall day, the chili, the parenting class and precious Zane, and I love to picture him singing in praise and worship. Also, I wish I could get ahold of the North and South music you have on this blog, so I could put it on mine... lol....can't seem to find it. It is so pretty.
Love you so much,

mrstcd said...

Hello, Marie! Enjoying your posts. Seems alot of ladies I know are redecorating--including myself. Isn't it so much fun! Our bedroom is on the list--after the kitchen!
Glad you're all doing well :)

Danielle said...

What a beautiful post!
LOVE the master bedroom!
The white and dark woods. . . yum! I was thinking maybe if you guys need someone to come and watch the place. . . ;-)
Looks like a bed and breakfast!

Love to you sweet friend!

mamajil said...

I love your room! I totally know what you mean about leaving your baby in the nursery and darting out hearing him scream....Ramsey has been doing that makes me cringe!! They do get past it I sometimes think its harder on the moms! How sweet that he is worshipping and participating in service. I get so blessed to see mine do that!! Love your post!

Davene said...

How pretty and peaceful! When I see it, I feel like I'm walking into a bedroom at my grandparents' home. Such a feeling of peace comes over me. :)

Lizzy said...

i just adore your bedroom, Marie!! it's so tranquil, romantic, inviting, and all around lovely. i can't wait for our new bed frame to arrive so i can likewise post pics of our new little nest! love you! and congratulations on the upcoming arrival of Baby Boy #2!!!!


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