Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Our house has been a busy one. We have had men in and out of our house for two weeks now. I haven't updated about what happened the night the baby was born. When I was in labor our bathtub leaked through the ceiling down into the living room. It was the first time we had ever used the bathtub. So Jon filled the kiddie pool up so I could use that instead.
By the time the baby was just being born we had a tremendous thunderstorm which resulted in our basement being flooded. Welcome to being first time home owners and first time parents :)
Our insurance is covering us, we just have to pay the deductible. So our living room has had plastic all over it to protect the furniture and the rest of the house from all the debris while the construction has been underway to fix the ceiling. The bathroom floor is being redone also. Luckily our bathroom needed to be remodeled so it really is a blessing in disguise. Jon bought a new toilet and vanity with a new sink and faucet. Jon has also been busy redoing our lawn and yard out front and out back. I will post pictures when he's finished.
So I will be posting pictures of the house as soon as i can. In the meantime I will be kissing and loving this dear baby!
I love his arms in this picture. He must get this from daddy :)


Elizabeth said...

OH my goodness I cannot wait to get up there and see him!!!! Only a couple more weeks! :)

Amber said...

good grief that sounds like quite the exciting night! I'm glad everything worked out though! I love that picture where you're both sleeping! :)

Holly Trujillo said...

Marie, I love these pictures, it is unfair how put together you look, your beautiful! Zane is such a dear!!!


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