Friday, April 8, 2011

Around The House

I feel like I have been away from this blog for a very long time. This last week seems forever for some reason. I find myself slipping away from the blogging world and I am trying to hold on for dear life. I don't want to let go of it. I know that blogging comes and goes for me but I have kept a sort of schedule throughout 3 years of blogging that consists of a few posts a week. I don't want to drop the ball now after all the time that has passed. Especially having little ones about to capture their moments of darling and adorableness. This blog has been such a great outlet for me to express a little bit of my life and happenings. I don't write much because writing isn't my forte. 
Anyways I don't know what I am trying to say but, I am trying to fight thoughts of quitting because of the busyness in my life right now. So hopefully I can break through and get used to my new current busyness and not feel like I have dropped off the face of the earth with my blogging home. Writing this out is helping me get my thoughts together and in order and adjusting to change but realizing that I don't and won't let go for now, but if I haven't posted in awhile I am not going to kick myself for it but just make up a huge post instead!! So here is my HUGE post LOL! 

I followed Zane around the other day with my camera and boy did we have fun.
He got to push mommy's computer keys and get photographed for it  (He sure loves to sneak in a few little taps on those delicious keys when he thinks mommy is  not looking, their just too irresistible for him) 
He got to climb the staircase and even look out the window to see that spring has arrived in our backyard.
He got to tell mommy about his juice that he loves so much and anything else that happens to be in the refrigerator.
He got to show mommy the birds, jabbering "look, look"
He got to show mommy how he can go down stairs.
And what is baby Ezra doing while we are playing?
Starting to stir. 
Must have known mommy is watching.
Now wondering what mommy is doing with that big black thing in her hands.
Realizing that maybe he is not ready to have his picture taken right now.
 Just a little shy.
Zane is loving this little friend who he calls, "Duck"
This little friend follows him every where he goes. Sometimes falling down and having his master Zane help him up to get rolling along again.
Strydess also loves this little duck as you can see. 
Zane is wanting to take his little friend outside with him and maybe take him to the pond to meet all the other nice ducks.

Strydess joining him and waiting for daddy to come home
Oh and guess who decided he got tired of using his imagination for cooking but used real ingredients instead?
Cooking up something really yummy for mommy and daddy for sure!

Warm weather has finally arrived and yes we are coming alive again after this last week of sickness. Feeling so much better and wanting to get out of the house.
Blessings to you all!
In Christ Jesus
~ Marie


Danielle said...

Sweet Marie,
Don't leave the blog-o-sphere! I would miss you too much! And to nit see your little boys grow up through your wonderful pictures and little captions??? No! I refuse! You are just going to haver to get over that idea! :-) I will beg and plead every day for more pics until you concede and oblige me! :-)
I love you sweet little sister! Be encouraged!
You are loved, your blog is an encouragement and a pleasure to read!

Pam said...

Well I just got through leaving you a huge comment, and blogger lost it! (not even my fault this time). So let me try it again.

I ditto everything Danielle said. I look so forward to these pictures and posts, they are my delightful rewards to hectic weeks, and tiresome days. Instead of thinking of stopping, just be encouraged, you don't have to blog more than once a week if it is too much (I am having the same problem lately), but keep it up just the same. Not only that, but perhaps in due season, we can get Elizabeth back in blogland and Himilce posting once again... after all a Grammy must have her portion... not to mention everyone else you inspire. (No pressure intended sweeties... just love your blogs).

Now, as to those pictures... Oh my goodness... too cute for words. Magazine quality. Luke and I both laughed at Strydess and the chewed up duck... and Zane's cooking experimentations. And that picture of the two of them looking out the door for Daddy. Wow. Thanks for the sweet, sweet post.
Love you so much,

Homeschool on the Croft said...

I echo the other two comments... you're blog will be so precious to yourself in years to come, never mind how delightful the photos are to us onlookers (more so, of course, for Granny and Grandpa!)
Oh, Pam - I've tried to leave a comment on your last blog, but couldn't. I loved reading the random facts.... you lived in Wales?! I loved that you always wanted to marry a rancher too - and then got to!

Elizabeth said...

Even though I already talked to you on the phone briefly about this, I will say it again, "don't you dare quite blogging" :D even though I am taking a little break it doesn't mean you can LOL! I can't wait to get back to it by the way! This post was so so so cute Marie! Keep em coming! Jk :P Love you sweet Maweee!

Help Meet in the Making said...

Marie..your blog is so inspiring and like a breath of fresh air. I love stopping over here and seeing the pictures of your home, your adorable boys, and everything you've been up to. Even if I don't leave a comment every time, I just love to read what you write.
Baby Ezra is growing so fast, he looks so much like your husband! And Zane is such a cutie and so smart!

Keep up the blogging, even if you can't do it as frequently.
Love you Marie! :)

Marie said...

oh my goodness! All of your comments have just blessed me tremendously. You all are so dear to me, everyone of you. I have such delight knowing how I have grown to love and know every one of you from this blog of mine. Thanks so much for your thoughts

Much Love
~ Marie

Keri On said...

Marie, It is so nice to meet you! I am Keri from keri-on...
You have a lovely family! and I look forward to looking on whenever you have the opportunity to post! Blogging is a great scrap book!
Have a glorious day!


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