Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ezra 4 Months

 This Happy baby is turning 4 months in just a couple of days.
Here are some fun pics I had taken today. I am loving Me Ra Koh's new book called Your Baby In Pictures. It has gotten me so inspired and has taught me a lot concerning photography.

Much love to you all dear readers :)
~ Marie


Pioneer Beauty said...

Hello Sweet Marie,

Okay..your really not going to believe this..But here goes.. :) I was just thinking about you and I have just launched one of my new business blogs...So I was logged in to blogger with that login...so I logged out and logged into PioneerBeauty to get to your blog..to see how things were going with you and right smack dab at the top of my google reader was a picture of your SWEET Ezra...what a blessing...

He is getting so big and what a Handsome little guy he is...

I would love it if you stop by my new blog as I am there quite a bit right now..

I will be sure to follow along with you on there so I will be up to date...

I also need to make sure to get over to see your Sweet Mother..

and I pray your Resurrection day was a Blessing

Lots of Love

Ruby Jean said...

Your so funny..I just signed back out to go back and sign in to my other blog and there you were...he he he... : ) I now need to make my way over to your Mother's and say hello..I am sure she will be Happy to see me.. : )

Oh my children are sitting here with me and they LOVED the pictures of Zane licking the cake...Oh and his little Duckie Pull toy..they thought that was really cute..

Kirsteen said...

How cute, you can really start to see his little personality come through now.

I love the first photos with the baby drool!

Lisa said...

You really did a great job capturing his sweet spirit! Isn't that book so informative??!!

Keep it up.;-)

Marley said...

It has been so long since mine were 4 months...he is so precious!

Daisy said...

so great! when are we scheduling our private photo shoot! can't wait to see you! hope you guys can come to the party!

Pam said...

The pictures are great sweetie. I have to have them. I will snag them for framing. Love the one of Jon and
Love you and miss you so much,


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