Friday, April 29, 2011

Resurection Sunday

 Here are some late pics of our Sunday celebrating our Lord's resurrection.
 Zane had a blast hunting his eggs, something he has just learned about, his biggest delight was discovering that there was something very yummy inside those colorful eggs.
I have been enjoying my new 35millimeter lens that I got in the mail last week and boy oh boy am I having so much fun taking pictures of the babies.
 Hunting is so much fun.
Ezra in his Sunday best. 
I found this little vest at the thrift store a couple days before Easter and couldn't resist it.
 Zane now wishes me to dress him in his Sunday suspenders whenever he happens to find them in his dresser drawers.

This past week has been a full one. Full of rejoicing over Christ's resurrection and also a week of sorrow. Days ago winds were hitting our home in such a violent force that brought concern to our hearts and wondering what was going on in other states that also had tornado warnings.

Learning of the death of David Wilkerson whom I have mourned over and over this last week has been so so sad for me. You can read more about him here.You may remember the daily devotional I had posted a few posts back? Unknowing it would be his last few devotions on this earth. I know that he will be greatly missed and his love of the Lord has blessed so many people. and now also just learning of the lives that have been taken in the last tornadoes is so devastating and heart breaking. Yes this last week has been one of sorrow and sadness. But as David Wilkerson has just written,
“Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith” (Hebrews 12:2).
If you should ask me what is happening in the world right now, I would answer,
“Everything Jesus warned us would happen in the last days!” 
What did Jesus tell us to do when we see all these things coming to pass? He
said, “Look up, lift up your heads (eyes); for your redemption is drawing
near” (21:28).

"Oh beloved, if you love Jesus, you should not be surprised or fearful. GOD HAS
Yes, we tremble at first seeing and hearing such dire news—but this is the
time to look unto Jesus. He brought us this far—he is the author of our
faith—he will bring us to the finish line with hope and peace, no matter what

Today, let not any bad news cast down your soul. Look up—keep your entire
focus on Jesus. He is coming very soon."


Much Love to you all dear readers
~ Marie


Pam said...

Oh Wow, I love these pictures. Zane is adorable. I could just eat him up like chocolate... and Ezra too. They are definitely the bit of hope and joy to soothe the heart with all this sadness.

Loved your post on David Wilkerson... read the article by Pat Boone, that was very good as well, his devotional you posted was amazing to re-read in light of all these things. It is so sad about the people in praying.

Love you so much sweetie,

Ruby Jean said...

Oh my what a Cutie Patootie...Zane looks like such a little man...and Ezra is looking very handsome himself..I love Zane's hair it Strawberry Blonde...?

I read on your Dear Moms blog about the passing of David Wilkerson...I have been praying for her and for you as she mentioned the heartfelt loss you were feeling and going through...

I do pray the Lord will continue to comfort you during this time..
Have a blessed evening

Danielle said...

These err such great pictures!!!!
Of course I loved them all!, but my favorite is Zane with his hand over his mouth!!! Oh he is precious! You have such a tender, loving heart! Everytime you post I'm reminded again of how very much I love you, respect you, and am encouraged that there are people like you in my world.

Help Meet in the Making said...

Love all the pictures, Marie. You are so talented.


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