Saturday, April 16, 2011

Week Of Spring Time

Got out this week and enjoyed going to the playground and laying around on the grass, taking pictures of babies and smelling the gorgeous breezy winds that feel so nice on the face. It seems amazing to me that we are finally out of winter. 
Ezra and I laying on the grass as Daddy and Zane play at the playground. 
Zane had a blast going down the slide and swinging with daddy.
Ezra is getting so big and even more adorable. Every time I wake up in the mornings he is such a happy baby. The minute he opens his eyes he is smiling at me. Even when I am not all that responsive at 3:00 a.m. he still smiles away at me and laughs as well. He has been getting a better schedule to sleeping through the night now. Just once or twice a night he has a feeding. My back has been out due to a really old mattress that we have owned for since we have been married and also nursing has been tough because of my back. Honey-Man got us a brand new mattress and oh my goodness my sleep is SO lovely. I am happy Ezra is not waking so often because now I am one happy clam as I sleep away. My back is doing so much better and only triggers when I do the dishes, maybe I could hire a maid wouldn't that be brilliant!! 
Zane loves to be Mr. Business Man, he has his empty pen cap and just loves pretending to write something down on a piece of paper or talk on the phone and stop to write down some directions as he says, "uhuh ok bye".
I made more of Elizabeth's Short Bread cookies again. This time I warmed up some chocolate chips and dipped them half way in. They were super yummy. 
It has been raining a lot this last week. I really don't mind because the rain is a spring rain and it brings in gorgeous clouds that have winds in them and reminds me of Easter Time. Also the winds remind me of growing up in gorgeous Colorado. Sure do miss it :(
Honey Man made a "Crawling Track" for Ezra this last week. A crawling Track is for babies to encourage them to start crawling which improves their brain growth. We have been starting a program that teaches babies to read. We started using Your baby Can Read products and really liked them but through deeper research we discovered the Glenn Doman Method that is a lot more in depth on teaching young children to read. So we are now doing this instead. We have been so excited about this program for both Zane and Ezra. I have been reading Glenn Doman's book called How To Teach Your Baby To Read and it has been so so interesting. I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to teach your baby or child to read.
Ezra loves hearing mine and Zane's encouragement as we cheer him on to creeping and soon crawling on his crawling track. Zane is starting to realize that Ezra is more then just a baby and maybe someone who he can play with now :)
Daddy with his baby boy.
This Saturday morning we awoke bright and early to go to the farmers market in town. We are trying to find a local farmer so we can start buying fresh raw milk instead of the store bought.We found a nice farmer who gave us a lot of information regarding buying into a share of a cow and such. I am getting excited to start drinking "real" milk now :)
It was so much fun. I was so enjoying all the fresh colors and smells as we walked through the huge crowd  of people. I was looking for a nice cup of coffee to enjoy but alas, the line was way to long for me. 
Fresh gorgeous strawberries.
Gorgeous whole grains.
This little man slept through all the noise and excitement. He awoke just as we were leaving.
 Zane had fun but he was ready for some breakfast. He is an egg man and must have his eggs every morning lol! 
I loved that both the boys looking at me in this picture.
On our way home we passed the tea room I have been wanting to go to this last year. Its called Basically British and it is so beautiful. It has a lovely gift shop with all kinds of teas and dishes as well as other British imports. They have better pictures on their site. I guess I should start putting some money aside because it is a pricey.
I was so glad to get the house cleaned last night and today. It has been a mess around here. I have been addicted to my How To Teach Your Baby to Read Book and also we have been super busy making the flash cards. Wanting to get started on planning on a special resurrection meal for Easter Sunday. I am so inspired for Easter time. I have such happy memories growing up and finding the special Easter baskets my parents would hide for us kids. And then later getting into my Easter Dress for morning church with my Easter hat of course :) 
Happy Blogging to you all!
In Christ


Homeschool on the Croft said...

Oh Marie - the photos of Ezra crawling.....they are just adorable - see the effort! So precious.
I love the look of the Farmer's Market. How I'd love to have one of these close. Looks amazing x

Kirsteen said...

We have just returned from holiday so I'm catching up on what my bloggy friends have been up to while I'm gone.

I echo what everyone said in the last post, I love seeing your pictures and what your boys are up to. As well as all your vintage things and other news.

Blogging only once or twice a week is fine by me, but don't give it up! ♥

I'd love to have a wander round that Farmers Market with you, and then we could maybe have tea in the British Tea room! I'm just off to check out their website and see if they really are properly British :0)

Amber said...

that farmer's market looks so lovely, as does the tea room. I just found out a friend of mine goes to tea once a month, I told her I'd have to go with her some time, because I've always wanted to do that! That crawling track is a great idea and it looks like it's working! I'm sorry about your back, I'm glad the new mattress is helping, try a heating pad if you haven't that helps too! I can't wait to see what you do for Easter!

Pam said...

I can't believe that this post has been up since Saturday and I am just now seeing it. Where in the world have I been? And I can't believe how wonderful these pictures are! Oh my goodness, I am going to snag some of them to frame. Ezra is so, so cute. He has grown so much.

Wish I could go to farmers market and tea with you and Elizabeth and babies... sigh... that would be bliss. I showed the pictures to your Dad tonight; He was as much in awe as me. Love you so much.


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