Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Cake

I have been planing on making this Martha Stewart cake for the last two weeks and today it happened. I got cozy in the kitchen and baked away. This cake was fun but as usal I was impatient. So I rushed to have it ready for 4:00 tea. My nest started floating down stream by the time I got to take pictures :) Next time I will give myself enough time for the chocolate ganache to cool.

And and guess who I caught licking the cake while I stepped away for a split second?
This little man decided he had waited too long for his tea.
One lick was not enough.

Aha!!! Caught him red handed!!!

So the floating nest cake also had a couple of tongue marks on the side. No biggie,
but will it survive mommy's pony tail that whips into the chocolate ganache when she leans down to clean little boys chocolate face from getting on the couch?

It survived :)
And was worth it all!!


Elizabeth said...

What a tempting cake! It looks like pure bliss! Love the pictures of Zane! Wish we were there to enjoy with you! Love you all :)

Daisy said...

So gorgeous! I am sure it was delish!


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