Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kefir Smoothie

Our Kefir grains have been growing so quickly and we have been trying to keep up with them. Almost every morning for breakfast we have our Kefir. Here is one of the recipes we have enjoyed.

You will need about 2 -3 cups kefir
 (if you don't have kefir you can substitute yogurt instead.)
2 Spoons of Honey. 
2 Bananas
3 Strawberries
Cupful of Ice
1 Orange
Blitz together and Enjoy :)
If anyone is wanting some Kefir grains please let me know.
 We are growing to much for our family as it is.


Keri On said...

Oh, that looks delicious! I need to get some kefir from my friend! and then purchase a blender! You are certainly inspiring me to do that! Hope you have a glorious Easter! He is Risen!

josh said...

so yummy! we need a smoothie date! also a soup date! Lol!

Elizabeth said...

Your pictures look amazing Marie! So does the kefir! I am starting to get the hang of it now :) thanks so much!!! Love you!


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