Monday, March 17, 2008

Our quest!!!

Jonathan, and I have started a new movie quest. We started watching The Lord of the Rings series! I love this series but Jonathan has never quite understood the movies. I have been trying to set a good atmosphere for him so he could get a cozy, exciting and intriguing picture of the story. He always fell asleep when he watched them in the theater which to me is horrible! So each time we watch them, I'm going to try and make it really exciting for him. I'll light candles and turn the lights out, keep tea and toast near by so we feel like Hobbits. Last night we watched the first CD of the first fellow ship of the ring and John didn't want to stop. He understood more about the story because I helped him with some of the history behind the story. Tonight will be CD part two! Hopefully He will keep a good momentum. If he doesn't end up liking them then I shall be utterly dismayed and sadden beyond belief! Just kidding!!!


Elizabeth said...

I wish I could re-watch this movie as if I had never seen it! Im so glad you are making John watch it! ;)

I hope you like it John!!!! Don't you fall asleep this time!!!!

Lisa said...

You guys are too cute!

Aren't those movies the best??!!

Jam said...

I did not fall asleep this time haha


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