Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ronald Reagan

I recommend everyone who has a love for our dear America to please watch this video. It is worth all your time! It sure makes me sad to see who the candidates are for the up coming presidential election. 

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Elizabeth said...

Marie this speech is amazing. He speaks from his heart. I really want to read that book of him by Danish D'souza. Do you own it? Or did you rent it?

Marie M said...

Thank you lizy for your comment!
Yes I agree that he spoke from the righteousness of his heart! I wish I owned "Ronald Reagan" by Danish. I rented it from the library. Sorry.

Jam said...

We need someone just like that this year! Why can't there be another Reagan? -

Meredith said...

Hi Marie!

I couldn't watch the video (we still have dial-up here!!!), but I agree that it would be nice to have a better option for the upcoming election!

Marie M said...

Oh I'm so sorry Meredith about dial up :(
I understand, my parents still have dial up and when I still lived at home I had to use dial up. It drove my husband crazy!!! He he he he he, I'm spoilt now because we have high speed.


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