Monday, March 10, 2008

Tea Time

I had the nicest tea party with myself on a nice warm sunny Saturday afternoon! It was the time when you had lunch awhile ago but your not yet ready for dinner and the house is cold so you find the room with all the sun shine  and put the tea on!! I found my book that I had not read for a while but was ready to read again.  I pulled the valentines chocolate out that I got on sale after valentines day, Of course the tea things had to be pulled out as well and the silver tea set and I had my little tea party! It was very relaxing and restful for a Saturday afternoon!! I highly recommend it!


Elizabeth said...

How lovely! Those quiet times are so nice and soothing!

:) Sorry I haven't posted in a while....... I will try to update this week!

Marie M said...

I have missed your posts Lizy!!
Hurry up girlie!!!


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