Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tea Time With Lizy and Her Three Little Munchkins!!

 The four brought fruit and their cute little selves! We drank tea, read books and played with kitties! Of course the little ones had more cream in their cups than tea and tried to have more sugar than that what was offered to them, but still managed to enjoy their little meal!!!


Lisa said...

What a sweet little group of kids. Are these the kids you won't be watching anymore?

Marie M said...

No these little ones are Elizabeth's kids that she takes care of. They are sweeties!

Sweet Ruthie said...

I love you Marie!
I'm a little envious though! I wish i had been there with you guys today. I want some earl grey tea =( with lots of cream please =)

Marie M said...

Yes Ruthie, your tea is ready!!!
You are invited!!!!


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