Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Last week I was getting out our coffee maker from the cabinet and I broke the glass canister that holds the water. I was devastated. Jonathan ordered us a Gevalia coffee maker and we got it today! Right now I am enjoying my cherished  coffee that I have been without for a week! 
( Such a Baby!) Thank you Sweet Jonathan!! I love you!


Elizabeth said...

He he he, can't do without coffee hugh? =)

When I went home to visit Mom and Dad, it was sooo nice to have coffee again like that! Now that I am back, i miss it a lot! :) But once I get that teeth whitening stuff in the mail and if it works, I will be joining you with a nice cup of coffee :)

Marie M said...

Ok Elizabeth!! That is so cozy! I love drinking coffee with mom and dad!! You are invited to come and visit me when ever you can!!!


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