Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Making our House a Home

Trying to make everything in the house flow today! I got almost all the books unpacked (which was a lot!) and the kitchen is finished! I fixed our first real dinner tonight! I love my new kitchen! There is so much cabinet space! I steamed cauliflower and mashed it up so it looked kinda like coleslaw and I added some butter and plain yogurt, salt and pepper. It was really yummy. Of course who did I copy? My husband. He gives me all his ideas! But when he ate it he acted like I came up with it! He is so sweet! 

Elizabeth and Ruthie came over today! Ruthie gave Jonathan a hair cut! She did an excellent job! Us three girls had toast and tea up in my Morning Room and chatted for a good hour and a half! We needed it I think! Lizy told us about a new kids story series called Mr. Putter. She found them at the library and she told us every story she read! Ruthie and I laughed! It was a extremely delightful day! Tomorrow Master bedroom!!!

This picture is at my grandpa's. Its the only picture I have of Lizy and Ruthie together. Those are my grandpa's puppies.

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Elizabeth said...

Your so sweet Marie :)


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