Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Martha's Morning Room

When Jonathan and 
I went to Washington D.C. for our honeymoon last winter. We visited Mt. Vernon. While we were getting a tour of the house I loved hearing about Martha's Morning Room. It was a beautiful room. It looked like a parlor and a bedroom in one. She would have her breakfast in there and have her prayers. Ever since then I wanted a morning room and since we moved we had an extra room and Jonathan gave it to me! I have my desk and my little couch with the book case. Himilce supplied me with some curtains until I can afford my own! 


Davene said...

What a lovely, special room. You are blessed!

Elizabeth said...

Its so pretty Marie =) It really makes me want to have a room like that.....

I love the furniture that you have in it as well :)

When can I come over and have tea?

Meredith Ivy said...

Hello Marie!

My computer is giving me all sorts of problems and this is the 3rd time I've typed this, so I'm hoping all of my comments won't show up at once!

Anyways, your morning room is SO nice! It looks so serene and quiet. I would love for one day, when I'm married and have a home, to have a "sewing and scrapbooking room". They are both such messy projects and it would be great to have an organized place for them! :)

Also, where do you find your old fashioned clip art that you use on some of your posts?

Have a great weekend, Marie!

Marie M said...

Thanks Davene and Elizabeth for your Sweet comments!

Hi Meredith!
Thanks for you sweet comment. I love your " sewing and scrapbooking room" idea! I can't wait to hear about it! I think it is important to have some where you can rest and think and work that will inspire you to produce great things or ideas!

The old fashioned clip art I just, ( kinda scary) type in google whatever subject I'm writing about and then at the end I type vintage. So say I wanted to write about cleaning the house. I would just type... picture of woman cleaning the house, vintage. Usually I have to go threw several pages to find the exact picture I'm looking for! Its fun huh? I hope you have a wonderful weekend Meredith!

P.S. Sorry about your trouble with your computer!


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