Sunday, June 8, 2008

Friday Night Fun!

Nathan and Himilce came over Friday night for dinner!  We had a blast eating, talking, redecorating the walls with new pictures, rearranging the furniture. Himilce is a anterior decorator at heart! She refreshed my eye for house design!
The three boys and their computers! You can see Elon is being just like his daddy and his uncle Jonathan!

I served coffee in my tea pot and served it with my dessert!

Here is the recipe:
Take 1 package of Oreos and place them in a ziplock bag. Take you rolling pin and smash them all up till their like crumbs,
1 package cool whip, mix it with one small package of vanilla pudding, Take some frozen strawberry's and blend them in the blender with some lemon juice and 4 tablespoons of powder sugar. Take a spoon full of the frozen strawberry and place it on the bottom of your glass. Than add the custard and then the crumbled oreos. Repeat this process until you reach the top of the glass!  Enjoy!


Jaedan's Mom said...

How fun! I love being with family no matter what we are doing.

Yummy. You always have the best desserts! I may gain 10 pounds reading your blog and learning all of these new recipes.

Davene said...

It was fun to see this on Himilce's blog and on yours! The dessert looks yummy, and everybody's smiling faces are so beautiful. :)

New Mom said...

MARIE, GET THAT AWFUL PICTURE OF ME OFF YOUR BLOG!!! ALL OF MY BONES ARE SHOWING! {and I don't like people seeing me in spaghetti straps.} I'm gonna hafta hurt ya...

BTW, I was wondering where all the coffee went. I didn't know it was in the tea pot!

Marie M said...

Ha ha ha that is so funny Himilce!
I thought you knew the coffee was in the tea pot! Sorry, And BTW, you put a picture of you and Nathan on your blog!! And I love you in this dress!!

Marie M said...

Jaedan's mom,
Well if you gained ten pounds you probably wouldn't even show it because your so little!!
This recipe actually isn't that fattening! The oreos are something less fat and same with the cool whip. I can't remember the percentage. I don't often use fat free foods but thats all they had at a good price where I bought my groceries!


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