Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New Home

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to make a post. I finally got some pictures taken of our new home. I only took some of the front and back of the townhouse and the living room and kitchen. The other rooms are still under construction if you get my hint? The above pictures are our front door and 2nd and  3rd floor


These two pictures above are the back where our garage is.

The living room and the kitchen.
Here is the little balcony looking out of the front entrance of the condos. The cats love it.

I will post some more pictures later when the Master bedroom is finished and my little "Morning Room" which I'm really excited about! These two rooms are on the 3rd floor.


Davene said...

It looks so nice...and reminds me SO MUCH of the style of architecture in southern California where we spent our newlywed years.

Have fun settling in!

Elizabeth said...

I love it o so much! It is so nice being able to come over to tea once in awhile!

Marie M said...

That is so sweet Davene! Just like us!! I know we're building very happy memories and it is always fun to play the game, "remember when" So our " remember whens" will be similar!!


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