Thursday, June 5, 2008

"I Would Like Some Tea With Bread And Butter Please!"

Lizy brought the kids she nanny's for over today!
 She has been with them for a year and half now. Compared to last summer, these kids are so good! She has transformed them!

 They all share the same personalty traits and humor as she. They all made me laugh! Most of the time Lizy has to get after them and make them show good behavior while they are with me. She always looks like the bad guy but I can see how much they respect her. If she didn't get after them they would be little monsters! In turn, she disciplines them and then shows love and affirmation. She has been their mama! 

Today we enjoyed a delightful bread and butter with tea! The kids had Lizy and me laughing with their cuteness. They put on their English accents while they drink their tea, even Cici who is 3 can pull a really good English accent! 

This picture I took with my phone. I wish I got it on the main camera. I love their faces! Each one has a funny expression!!


Elizabeth said...

Haa ha! Marie it was so fun :) Sam thanked me for taking them. The bread and butter was wonderful!


Davene said...

What a great event for those kiddos. They are so cute!

Meredith Ivy said...

How cute!

Oh, I love the pictures of your apartment! It looks sooo nice and upscale! You are a very good decorator. The kitchen does have a ton of cabinets!

I am about to finally respond to your comments over at my blog.

It has been around 100 degrees here for the last few days and I've thought of you and Elizabeth a lot, wondering how y'all deal with such extremely hot weather alll the time!?!?! :)

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

Jaedan's Mom said...

How cute are they!

So much fun!


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