Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Necklace

My sister went home to Colorado to visit my family and and when she came back to Phoenix she brought back a necklace I had started to make with my Grandma but never finished. Well, my Grandma finished it for me and sent it back with my sister! You can see how beautiful it is! The beads are amazonite. I don't know what the white stones are but I can find out. I love my Grandma's jewelry!

I just talked to my grandma and she said the white beads are white jade.


Meredith Ivy said...

That is so pretty, Marie! You're so pretty too! :)

Elizabeth said...

We are so crazy! =) I like how you took a picture of it on the counter like that! =)

Marie M said...

Hi Meredith!
Thanks for your sweet sweet comment!

You are the crazy one! I posted first!!!!
He he
I love your necklace!!!

Davene said...

Sweet! So, which of you was actually born first? :)

Marie M said...

Well Davene, When I get asked that question I have to pause and think, "Who is older?" I am older by a half hour, but Elizabeth acts like the oldest. Yeah, She didn't want to come out.

Davene said...

That's funny! Twins are so fascinating to those of us who aren't fortunate enough to be one! :)


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