Thursday, March 4, 2010

Exciting Early Birthday Present

Early Birthday Present, like four months early. Jon surprised me with a brand new camera. He knew I had been wanting a new camera for awhile now and he completely splurged and surprised me!
I still am in shock. I am having so much fun thinking and planning new ways to use my gift. I think a Baby Zane shoot will be so much fun. 
Thank you so much my sweet Jonathan. Words can't express my gratitude for this amazing gift. I don't know how I can tell you how blessed I am to be your wife.
The image above is my new camera in action.


Meredith Ivy said...

How exciting!

I am researching and looking at buying a new camera. What kind did he buy you? I look forward to seeing your photos!

Marie said...

He got me a Olympus e30
I had started researching cameras a week ago and I asked my brother and he said anything you get that has a changeable lens is good. I hope you find what your looking for. I am excited to hear about what you end up getting.

Elizabeth said...

Tea time today???? ;)

Amber said...

I love that japanese screen, it is so pretty! I can't wait to see your baby Zane shoot! :)

Where Your Treasure Is said...

Well, my computer opened the images tonight. They look great. I'm so happy about your camera, so sweet of John. I love the tea time post too.

Lizzy said...

yay! can't wait to see all the lovely pics you take!!

Miss Jen said...

How lovely!! :)
That is fabulous! ;)

Love~ Miss Jen

New Mom said...

I really like that shot Marie. I love the crystal chandy up against the oriental screen. Way to go Jon! Love you guys! Call me on skype one day so we can chat :)


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